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Book: Betsy Beads

Author: Betsy Hershberg

Publisher: XRX

List Price: $24.95
Before I ever learned to knit or crochet, I learned how to make jewelry. Both my grandmother and step-mother were avid jewelry makers, and shared some of their knowledge with me. That’s why I was so excited to see Betsy Beads. It combines knitting with beads to make beautiful, yarn-based jewelry.

Beading Basics, the first section of the book, not only shows you how to knit with beads, but gives you detailed information like how seed bead sizing works, variances in seed bead shape by manufacturer, and much more.
Tech trials throughout the book give you a step by step guide to different techniques. They let you try out the technique with materials that are likely in your stash before you jump in to a full project.With Betsy’s tech trials, you learn how to:
1. make a variety of styles of beaded i-cord
2. create bead knitted tubes and straps
3. explore bead placement for embellishing stitch patterns
4. knit barrel, doughnut, and round beads
5. knit beaded welts and hems

Betsy’s Beads contains full instructions for 30 gorgeous projects. They range from necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to suspenders, Christmas ornaments, and a yarmulke. Make any of the fabulous designs or use them as an inspirational jumping ground to create your own knitted jewelry designs.

There is so much to love about this book- the techniques, design ideas, and clear instructions. But what I love most is Betsy’s attitude. A self-proclaimed left-brained knitter, Betsy came to realize something that I think so many people really need to understand: creativity isn’t some magical quality that you’re born with, creativity is something you nurture in yourself. It comes from just trying something and seeing what happens. I highly encourage you to pick up Betsy’s Beads, give it a try, and see what happens- I think you’ll love the results.

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