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Ah, it’s Wednesday. The middle day of the week. The day when you are either excited about how much you’ve already accomplished or horrified by how much you have left to do before the weekend.

So what has my week been like?

I’m working on a knit project that is going really well. (Hopefully, I’ll be able to post a pic in the next week or two.) It’s knitted lace. I’ve always had a problem with my yarn overs being a bit too big compared to my knit stitches. On recent projects, I’ve also noticed that my purl stitches are relatively large too. When I knit, the entire action is done by the needle, but when I purl, I tend to use my fingers to help. I realized I had been using my fingers to help with the yarn over. Since then, I’ve made a point to let the needle do all the yarn over work, and my yarn overs are starting to look much better.

It turns out that Yarns of Italy has named a color after me. In what I can only describe as further proof of their awesomeness, they have renamed colors of their Innamorata yarn with the names of women they know. I’m a medium blue available in the worsted weight. 🙂

I’ve started on a thread crochet project. I know a lot of crocheters are hesitant to take up thread crochet because of the teensy tiny hooks. When I first tried thread crochet, my hand would cramp up a lot. Then, I started using steel hooks with larger, normal sized handles. It makes the thread crochet work much more enjoyable.

So what about you? What’s happened so far in your week, and where do you hope to go from here?