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apothecary button jar

An apothecary jar filled with brass buttons. (I keep this in my basement craft area where the kids can’t get to it.)

Out in the Open

1. Put knitting needles in a tall vase or crochet hooks and dpns in a short one.

2. Use apothecary jars or mason jars to hold a collection of buttons.

3. Use an earring or bracelet display stand to hold stitch markers.

4. A small decorative pottery bowl or change dish can also hold stitch markers

Closed Up

1. Use one the beautiful cases available from Della-Q, Webs, or Namaste to hold your needles and hooks.

2.  Jewelry boxes are divided up perfectly for small stitch markers, snips, yarn needles and tape measures.

3. Tupperware (’nuff said)

Namaste Skinny Mini

I keep one full set of crochet hooks in my Skinny Mini from Namaste.

Having 2 small kids I opt for closed up storage. I look forward to the day they are old enough for me to start putting decorative breakable items out again.