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I’m sure you’ve heard someone say that they wish there were more hours in a day. With everything we squeeze into our hectic schedules it would be nice to have a little more breathing room.

But you know what? I DON’T want more hours in a day. I think if there were more hours in a day, I’d just be expected to get even more done. Think about it. If a day suddenly had 32 hours, do you think your boss would say, “Great. Now we can all go home and have an extra 8 hours of relaxation.” No. He’d expect you to spend at least 6 of those extra hours at work, because now you can get more done. And perfect Suzie Homemaker up the street would just have additional time to make her house and kids snacks and everything more perfecter. (And she’d even have time to correct the fact that “perfecter” is not a word.)

(This is similar to my husbands argument about why school vouchers wouldn’t help us. He says that if the government started handing out $2000 vouchers for kids going to private schools, the tuition would just increase by $2000 the next year.)

What I really wish for is the ability to stop time for everyone else, but not me. Then I’d have extra time to get stuff done, but without people expecting me to get more stuff done.

Would you like more hours in a day? Am I just being a pessimist?