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*Yes, I’m a yarn snob. And I chose acrylic for this project, and I feel guilty about it.*

Dear Mother-to-be,

Enclosed is the hand knit baby present I made for your baby. I hope he enjoys wearing the sweater vest when he is born. As with any hand knit item, I want to let you know how to care for it. It’s made of acrylic yarn, and is machine-washable and dry-able.

Please don’t be hurt by the fact that I used acrylic yarn. You are worthy of the fanciest silk yarns. As a fellow knitter and crocheter, I know that you value the time and energy that goes into making something. And I know that, if I had used another fiber, you would lovingly hand wash the item as needed.

I also know that motherhood turns your life upside down. That every minute of your day will suddenly be centered around the most wonderful person you have ever seen. Your love for him will make everything else seem to pale in comparison.

So please consider the acrylic yarn to be the second part of the gift. That the ease of washing will give you just a bit more time to focus on your little one- to catch an extra smile or babble, and to blow an extra kiss. Because the most beautiful thing in your world will not be the little vest, but the baby who is wearing it.

With best wishes for a healthy, easy birth,