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So I started on my fingerless gloves, two-at-a-time magic loop style. I thought it would be nice to share some stuff this project has taught me.

1: Tubular Cast Ons are Awesome – Love the folded edge look. If you’ve never tried a tubular cast on, I highly recommend it. I’m going to play around with a similar method for crochet because I love the edge look so much.

2: Rotating Cords Can Be a Bad Thing – My circs have cords that rotate freely a full 360 degrees. While this is normally fantastic, it’s turning my two-at-a-time gloves into two-at-a-time knots. I think I’m going to switch over to different needles.

3: Write Down Your Pattern Stitch – I was ready to start the main pattern stitch while at my knit group. Of course I didn’t have the paper with me. I thought I remembered it, so I went ahead. Turns out I remembered wrong. Frogging time.