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Sometimes, when I’m down, I find it really helpful to crochet a quick, small item. The accomplishment gives me an instant little boost and can turn around my mood. Small projects are also great for using up remnants of yarn from other projects. Here are some quick project ideas, when you need a small project to boost your mood, use up yarn, or just a project to take with you in your purse:

1. Coasters – circles or squares are quick and useful
2. Bookmarks – can be simple or fancy or even add beads
3. Phone or iPod cozy – electronic cozies are quick and easy and great for holding chapstick or hand sanitizer too.
4. Luggage ID tag- it’s easier to find your black suitcase if it has a bright granny square hanging from it.
5. Newborn socks – requires a bit more attention for following a pattern, but oh so cute.