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Many of the products I post about tend to be specifically for knitters and crocheters. But I really think the Eucalan No Rinse Delicate Wash is equally useful whether you’re a die hard stitcher or don’t know the difference between a knitting needle and a crochet hook.

Eucalan Wash is a product for items that you need to hand wash. For knitters and crocheters this often means handmade socks and sweaters, but everyone has something in their laundry pile that requires hand washing. Fill a wash basin (I use my bathroom sink) with tepid water and a little Eucalan (about 1 tsp per gallon of water). Let your items soak for about 15 minutes. Gently squeeze the item to work the Eucalan and water into it, and then remove it from the basin and gently squeeze out the excess water. Let them air dry. That’s it. Really.

I like the Eucalan Wash because I feel like the item actually gets clean. I remember having a conversation with my mother a while back (before I had Eucalan) about how I hated hand washing items because I felt like they never got 100% clean. I would use a little detergent and water and do my best, but they still would have a bit of odor to them, and just didn’t feel fresh. I’ve been really pleased, though, with the hand washing results when I use Eucalan.

I’m Jewish, and my son wears a yarmulke on his head. He tends to wear ones that are velvet and definitely NOT machine washable. (Whoever thought it was a good idea to put non-machine washable items on 4 year old boys was obviously not in charge of the laundry at home.) Anyways, he’s little and he’s a boy, and his yarmulkes get really really dirty. I had been using Eucalan to wash my crocheted items, and it occurred to me to try it on his yarmulkes too. It was a success. It got them much cleaner feeling than when I used regular soap and water. It even did a great job cleaning the yarmulke that got caught in his sheets the night his pull up leaked. (I know. I know. Ewwy. TMI. But the point is the Eucalan worked.)

Eucalan comes in several different scents. I’ve tried both the Grapefruit and Natural (unscented). Eucalan Wash is available in a variety of bottle sizes ranging from a 1 gallon pump bottle to a smaller 3.3 oz bottle. You can also try out their little single use pouches (also great for travel). Find Eucalan in a store near you or write to them to get a free sample.