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Most people always say that there isn’t enough time in the day. I think the problem isn’t the lack of time, but the lack of large blocks of time. If you add up the 5 minute waiting times here and there, you’ll actually find a good bit of time in your day. Take advantage of those pockets of time by making yourself an Anywhere Crochet Kit.

  1. Pattern or Not – If you really want to take advantage of small bits of time, pick something you don’t need a pattern for like circular coasters, granny squares, or a basic scarf.
  2. Small Bag – And I mean small. You want it to be easy to fit in your purse or bag. Use a sandwich size zip top bag or something about that size.
  3. Yarn – Again, in the interest of keeping this portable, no more than one skein (or a couple mini skeins).
  4. Hook – In the appropriate size for the yarn.
  5. Scissors – Eventually you’ll need to end off. Besides, you’ll be surprised at how many times during the week, no matter where you are, someone says, “does anyone have a pair of scissors?”
  6. Index Card or Small Notebook with Pen – For jotting down any crochet related notes.
  7. Yarn Needle – To weave in ends.