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During my online procrastination time, I’ve noticed that a lot of people are making yarn related New Year’s Resolutions. Apparently, you’re supposed to do this sort of thing. Makes sense if you think about it. I’m more likely to keep a crocheting resolution than one that forbids second (or first) helpings of dessert. So if you haven’t picked a yarn resolution yet, feel free to pick from the list below.

1. Make one project using stash yarn each month.
2. Buy one skein of new yarn each month.
3. Catalog your entire yarn stash.
4. Make one charity knit or crochet project each month.
5. Make more things for others.
6. Make more things for yourself.
7. Start next year’s holiday presents by July this time.
8. Learn a new craft such as knitting, crocheting, spinning, sewing, or weaving.
9. Pick up a new technique such as lace, sock making, or cables.
10. Take an online class related to your craft of choice.
11. Save up and go to at least 1 knit or crochet related conference this year.
12. Go through all your work-in-progress or paused projects and either finish them or rip them out for the yarn.
13. Teach one friend to knit or crochet.