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The 3 cinnamon rolls that survived to be leftovers.

One of the best investments we ever made was getting a bread machine. Ok, technically it was a wedding gift, but I did pick it out for the registry. Now I never use the bread machine to make bread from start to finish. Instead, I use the dough setting. It’s fantastic- dump the ingredients in, press start, and a little over an hour later I have dough to shape and bake as desired.

I decided to try this bread machine cinnamon roll recipe. My husband liked it (he ate 8 in a sitting). Here are my notes on the recipe:

1. Ignore what it says about the order to put ingredients into the machine. Follow your machine’s instructions. For my Breadman bread machine, I put in wet ingredients first, dump dry ingredients on top, and then make a little well for the sugar and yeast.

2. I used almond milk in place of milk in the dough, and replaced the melted butter with oil. But I did use butter for the filling and milk in the glaze.

3. It says that it makes 12 cinnamon rolls. I got more than that- close to 16.

4. With the final taste test, I found the filling to bread ratio to be a bit off. I think I easily could have doubled the filling. Oh, and I added chopped pecans to the filling.