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There are all sorts of sites and books dedicated to homemade gifts. As crocheters and knitters I think, sometimes, we need to give ourselves permission to NOT make a gift. Here are 3 reasons that it’s ok to go with store bought.

1. Because you don’t want to – Seriously, you don’t need a reason. Just because you can make a gift doesn’t mean you have to.

2. Because you want to like your relatives – When you put hours into making a gift, you can get pretty emotionally involved in it. I’ve read one too many threads from stitchers who are still, years later, upset that their sibling/cousin/parent didn’t seem to really appreciate their handmade gift. It’s perfectly natural to be upset if you spend hours on something and someone doesn’t really appreciate that. What I’m saying is don’t set yourself up for that sort of situation. You know your relatives. If you don’t think they really get the time and energy that go into homemade gifts, then give them something else. There’s nothing wrong with that.

3. Because you want to support local or small businesses or charities – Your gift can benefit someone else besides just the receiver.