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Whether you call them biscotti or mandelbroit, I love those little cookies that just beg to be dunked in tea or a coffee.

This is my base recipe that I use for biscotti. It comes from Rocco DiSpirito. Using this base recipe, I’ve tried all sorts of variations. The picture below is of my latest try- orange cranberry biscotti.
Use the base recipe with the following substitutions:
replace anise extract with orange extract
add fresh orange zest to the egg and oil mixture before mixing
when mixing dough, add in 1 cup of coarsely chopped fresh cranberries

I really love the availability of fresh cranberries right now. The dried ones have so much added sugar.

Biscotti are so easy to make and they freeze really well. I like to wrap up one “loaf” after the first baking and freeze it whole. When I need more I just cut it up and do the second baking, which is really a quick toasting. You can also freeze individual biscotti.

Biscotti is the plural name of the cookie. My friend (who’s father is Italian) and I mused once that no one knows or cares what the singular form of biscotti is because you’ll never eat just one.