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Book: Extreme Double Knitting

Author: Alasdair Post-Quinn

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Electronic File:$16.95

Whenever I become interested in a new knitting technique, I start hunting around for the appropriate book or books. Generally, I wind up with 4 or 5 books, each of which sheds a little bit of light on the subject, but misses something else entirely. There are a precious few books out there that manage to cover a topic in such detail that they make other books almost unnecessary. Extreme Double-Knitting is one of these treasures.

Extreme Double-Knitting: New Adventures in Reversible Colorwork is a solid 196 pages of information. It’s more than just a collection of double-knitting techniques, it’s true insight into the vast possibilities of double-knitting. The sections of the book are:

The Basics – A brief introduction to double-knitting.
Double-knitting Flat and in the Round – 38 pages of double-knitting information including cast-ons, bind-offs, and edge/selvedge options.
Double-knit Shaping – Learn how to setup and work a variety of increases and decreases.
Two-Pattern Double-knitting – This section has the key to double-knit lettering and moving beyond mirror images.
Multi-Color Double-Knitting – Don’t limit yourself to just two colors.
New Dimensions in Double-Knitting – Directions and patterns involving double-knit cables and lock-stitches.
Finishing – Tips for finishing off your double-knit projects.
Reading (And Understanding) Your Double-Knitting – This section has fascinating illustrations that really help you to understand the structure of double-knit fabric. It also shows you how to “read” your knitting to check you work as you go.
Troubleshooting – Whenever you try a new technique, something will go wrong. This section has common problems and their solutions.

The appendix in the back contains short descriptions of techniques that didn’t get their own chapter in the book such as tubular double-knitting, quadruple knitting and working different stitch patterns (ribbing, seed stitch, etc) in double-knitting. I’m honestly hoping for an Extreme Double-Knitting 2 just so that I can see Alasdair explore double-knit openwork further. (To paraphrase my conversation with a friend: “Double-knit lace?!” “Yeah.” “Wow.”)

The 14 patterns in the book include a scarf, men’s ties, adorable baby booties, a blanket, and more. The patterns for wrist warmers and a variety of hats are all written so that you can easily customize the fit. The double-knit open/closed sign should be a fixture in any yarn store.

There are many knitwear designers out there, but it’s rare to find one who has made such a significant contribution to knitting knowledge. I honestly believe that the name Alasdair Post-Quinn will soon become synonymous with double-knitting.

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