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Normally I’d spend this week in a flurry of pre-Thanksgiving activity. Unfortunately, due to various family illnesses, we will be spending this Thanksgiving all alone. It’s a little depressing actually. I considered inviting friends over, but everyone seems to already have plans.

Now for a typical Thanksgiving, I wind up cooking a whole turkey. (I use Alton Brown’s method– best. turkey. ever. I don’t brine, since kosher turkeys are salty enough, but the cooking to temperature using a thermometer and covering the white meat part way through is key.) But since it will just be me, the husband, and the kids, I’m going to roast a chicken instead.

Actually, what I really want to do is spend Thursday baking. Generally, I’m not big on baking. I love baked goods, just not actually baking them. But I’m in the mood to give it a go. So I’m spending a couple of days hunting for recipes for cookies that involve cranberries, cinammon or chocolate rolls, and anything else that catches my family.

What about you? What are your plans for Thursday? Do you have any baked good recipes to recommend? (Bonus Points if they’re low calorie.)