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I fell in love with mochas from the first taste. I mean how can you NOT like something with chocolate? But going out for mochas can get a bit expensive, and sometimes you want to enjoy something in the comfort of your own home, in your pajamas. A true mocha involves espresso and steamed milk. That requires dirtying two thing: the coffee maker to make the espresso and a pan to heat the milk. Since I don’t have a dedicated milk steamer, and I loathe doing dishes, I find this conventional method of mocha-making unacceptable. Here is what I do when the craving hits:
In your cup, mix 2 tbs hot cocoa mix with ΒΌ c whole milk until smooth. (Yes, use the whole milk, not the skim.) Because the milk is such a small proportion of the total cup, there’s no need to heat it.


French Press

Make a cup of coffee by whatever means you prefer. I use a french press to make coffee. If you’ve never used a french press, I highly recommend it. They’re about as expensive as a cheap coffee maker, but the quality of the brew is excellent. The only caveat is that you can’t use them to make espresso. Espresso is ground much finer than coffee, so the grounds would go through the filter in the french press. Definitely not tasty – unless you happen to like crunchy coffee.

Anyways, add the coffee to the hot cocoa and milk, stir, and enjoy.