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So now I have my pretty pdf pattern all done…except the work isn’t done yet.

In order to sell it online, it needs to get online. For my website, that means adding a pattern listing page, adding the listing to main patterns page, and uploading the required photos. For Ravelry and Patternfish I have to upload the file, photos, and fill out descriptions too.

(I created and I maintain my website. I am incredibly grateful for that one day in high school where I happened to overhear a conversation between two teachers that sparked an interest in html and web page design. Since then I’ve learned CSS, and one of these days I will stop procrastinating and dig into PHP and MySQL.)

To sell hard copy patterns, I have patterns printed and stuff them one-at-a-time into those clear page protector sleeve things.

And then…I wait. Hopefully, people choose to buy it. I’ve had patterns be way more successful than I anticipated, and I’ve had patterns I thought would be huge wind up a complete flop. But regardless of sales, this is the birth of an independent pattern, from inception to finally going “live”. It’s an exhausting process filled with emotional highs, lows, and everything in between… and I love it.