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Everyone I know seems to be making up their holiday wish lists now, so I thought I’d do a quick post about something neat I spotted at Stitches East last Sunday.

Stitch Light photo courtesy of Buffy Ann Designs

It’s called a Stitch Light. It’s a light that hangs from a lanyard around your neck as you stitch. The LED light is fully adjustable: you can move it up, down, around and vary the brightness. The idea is that you put it on and it gives you a direct light onto what you’re stitching, regardless of whether you are sitting, stand up, or move around. (When I moved to Connecticut, we spent 2 weeks in a hotel. I had to turn the main lights off at the kids’ bed time and couldn’t do any crocheting. This would have been really helpful to have then.)


a yellow craft pouch and orange lanyard

The light comes with a zippered craft pocket that you can use to hold notions and it has an elastic band on the outside that you can slip a pen or other item through. They had an amazing variety of fabrics (solids and prints) and colors to choose from for both the lanyards and craft pockets when I saw the booth at Stitches East.

The Stitch Light is definitely something I would list in the “well, that’s cool” category.