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One of my recent projects, in conjunction with Holiday Yarns, is the Alex Adorable Pullover Vest. Read as “Alex Adorable (pause) Pullover Vest”. This is the first of a couple of children’s patterns I’m doing this Fall/Winter. They are all going to be named with a child’s first name and an adjective last name- so “Alex Adorable” and “Phoebe Fantastic”, etc.

I really love the fun stitch pattern. It’s made with slipped stitches, so the vertical lines give a bit of texture, and you’re never working with more than one color per row. I may put out a pattern for a matching hat, but that’ll have to wait till after I finish some other projects I have going.

The vest really could work for a either a girl or a boy. I decided to photo shoot it with a boy’s dress shirt, since I had worked it in blues, but I think it’d look just as cute over a girl’s long sleeve tee.

If you want to know when the pattern becomes available, just shoot me an e-mail at or leave a comment here saying so.

BTW: Tonight starts another religious holiday, so I’ll be back to see you all again on Monday.