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I’ve noticed a lot of posts online from people debating which set of interchangeable circular needles to buy. Here’s a comparison of the two sets I own:

KP Options Interchangeable Nickel Plated Circular Knitting Needle Set $69.99
Hiya Hiya Steel Interchangeable Set $79

Additional material types available:
KP: Harmony (wood) and Zephyr (acrylic)
HH: Bamboo in 5” needle length, website lists SHARP Steel coming soon

Needle tip sizes:
KP: set comes with 9 tips (US 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5, 11)
HH: set available in small (7 sets of tips from size 2-8 US) or large set (6 sets of tips from size 9-15 US); both small and large come in either 4” or 5” needle tip length

Needle tip characteristics:
KP: Pointed; no size markings
HH: Blunter tip: size marked on needle tips

Case they come in:
KP: Zippered clear vinyl needle case with pockets along inside for needle tips and smaller cable case
HH: Brocade case with pockets for needle tips and two zippered pockets (1 for cables, 1 for notions)

Cable sizes:
KP: Comes with 2 each 24” and 32”; can purchase 40”, 47”, 60” individually
HH: Comes with 16/18” (16” when used with 4” tips, 18” when used with 5” tips), 24/26”, 32/34”, 40/42” cable sizes; can purchase 60” individually. Cables are not interchangeable between small and large sets ( i.e. 16” cable for small set will not work with large set needles).

Additional items in set:
KP: 8 end caps, 2 cable keys for securely connecting needle and cable
HH: Needle grips for securely screwing tip onto cable

Additional needle sizes available individually:
KP: 10.75 (7mm), 13 (9mm) 15 (10mm) 17 (12mm)
HH: 2.5 (3mm)

Additional accessories available:
KP: Needle size id tags you can slide onto the cable to mark the size if you remove the needles for another project; cable connectors (set of 3, plus cable key)
HH: None shown on website

My comments:
KP: I like having the cable connectors so I can lengthen the cable to try something on without having to remove it from the working cable. The hole for the cable key makes it easy to string in a lifeline as you knit.
HH: I like the blunter needle tips (my personal preference), size labeling on the tips, and shorter cable lengths / smaller needle sizes available.