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Product: Della-Q Eden Project Bag (small)
List Price: $10

When I was in Texas I picked up the small Della-Q Eden Project Bag. It’s a decent size at approximately 10 by 11 inches.

The Eden Bag is made from a nice weight of fabric. It’s light enough that you can scrunch it up, but heavy enough that I’m not worried it’s going to rip or tear easily. Generally I don’t like bags without linings, but the interior finishing on the Eden Bag is done so nicely that I really don’t mind.

The small bag has an attached interior pocket. At first, I was sure I would use the pocket or that stuff would actually stay put inside it. When I brought the bag with me to my knitting group I put some spare change I had in the pocket. The bag was thrown in my purse, on my bed, around my house, and the change was still in the little pocket the next I opened it. Cool, huh?
My only complaint about the bag is that the end of the drawstring frayed the first day I got it. Really it’s a minor thing, and the bag is still 100% usable, but if you pick one up you may want to dab some clear glue or nail polish on the ends to keep them from fraying. IMG_1871