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I started a new knitting project a little over a week ago. It’s a cowl: unless I run out of yarn, and then it’ll be a circular scarf. I decided I wanted it nice and squishy and warm, so I’m making it double thick. The method I’m using is kind of like double knitting, except that I’m only using one color on each side. It has eyelets so when you look at one side, you’ll see a little bit of the other color peaking through.

It was a little difficult for me to get into the rhythm for this project in the beginning. In fact during the first 2 hours I only did 2 rounds. (Of course, I was spending that entire time at my knit group talking away, and that’s not exactly conducive to getting much actual knitting done.) It wasn’t a great start, so it was exiled to the pile o’ projects.


A close-up pic. It's a nice alpaca yarn.

A couple days later I picked it up again, and well, this time it’s clicked. I’m able to get into a nice rhythm and accomplish a fair amount in a 45 minute tv show time slot. In fact, it’s actually become my happy project. I have a lot of deadlines looming and other stressful issues right now, but working on this cowl just kind of puts me in a happy place for a little bit.

Depending on how it turns out I may add it to the Poetry in Yarn pattern line. Haven’t decided yet.