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Just because it’s not Spring doesn’t mean you can’t do some organizing. Here are 4 ways to organize your yarn along with the personality type it would most appeal to.

The Fashionista – Brand
You can list off the brand name for every pair of shoes in your wardrobe; of course, you can do the same for your yarn. Organizing by yarn company is how stores do it, and it’ll turn your yarn stash into your own little shopper’s paradise.

The Artist – Color
You’re inspired by rich reds, vibrant yellows, and calming blues. You’d never live a dull life, and your yarn reflects this. Organizing your yarn by color gives you a giant fibery color wheel to play with whenever the mood hits.

The Practical One – Weight
Most patterns call for a specific weight of yarn (lace, fingering, DK, etc). Organizing your yarn by weight makes pairing yarn and pattern a more efficient process, leaving you more time to actually knit and crochet.

The Nature Lover – Fiber
You are in tune with nature as well as the source of your yarns. Separating by majority fiber content means a section dedicated to animal based yarns (wool, angora, mohair, yak, etc) and one dedicated to plant based yarns (cotton, linen, bamboo, and hemp). You’ll be able to pick out a yarn with the best innate traits (memory, insulation, halo, drape, etc) for the project you are starting.