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Want to learn to crochet? Focus on learning these 5 stitches to form a solid crochet basis.

1. Chain Stitch (abbreviated ch) – This stitch starts most projects, is used for getting the yarn to the right height for a row, and is essential for lace.

2. Single Crochet (abbreviated sc) – A great basic stitch, also forms the basis of tapestry crochet.

3. Half Double Crochet (abbreviated hdc)

4. Double Crochet (abbreviated dc) – This stitch is critical for granny squares and used to form shells.

5. Slip Stitch (abbreviated sl st) – Used to join rounds of crochet. In garments, can be used to move the yarn to a point further in without having to cut the yarn.

This list uses American crochet terminology. British terminology differs.