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On days when I’m a good mommy and make a hot breakfast, one of the most popular options with the kids is pancakes. There are a lot of recipes out their for pancakes, but I pretty much stick with one of these two:

Aunt Jemima – Yes, I use the whole wheat pancake box mix. I know for some people “box mix” is a dirty word, but sometimes I’m desperate ok? Besides, I think it’s important to get the kids used to eating whole grains when possible

Jamie Oliver – When I make pancakes from scratch I use the recipe in Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution cook book. It only has 4 ingredients, 1 of which is baking powder. IT DOES NOT HAVE ANY SUGAR. You know why? Because pancakes don’t need it! Breakfast foods should be breakfast foods, not desserts! (stepping down from soapbox)

Generally I make plain pancakes, but occasionally I’ll add in some chocolate chips. We don’t use maple syrup on our pancakes. My son dips his pancake in a bit of honey, and my daughter likes a little chocolate syrup to dip her pancakes in. It’s not a lot of honey or chocolate; I just give them a dollop on the side.

These are the general rules I follow when making pancakes:

1. Less Butter – I try to use as little butter as possible in the pan. I’m trying to make breakfast, not give my kids sky high cholesterol.
2. The Pan – The skillet I use is nonstick (less to no butter required), flat for even heating, with straight sides for easier spatula maneuverability.
3. Heat – I keep my gas burner just above medium. If I keep it on high the pancakes burn pretty quickly.
4. The Turn – While the pancake is cooking you’ll see little bubbles rising and popping in the batter. In the beginning, the popped bubbles will disappear in the batter. When the popped bubbles form little craters that actually stay after they pop, it’s time to flip.


Ready to flip! See those little craters from the popped bubbles