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Today I’m releasing a new pattern in the Poetry in Yarn pattern line. It’s called the Peacock Stole.
Peacock Stole
I was given the yarn for this project this past January. It’s 6-Color Alpaca from Hand Painted Knitting Yarns (HPKY). This color way is really unique. Instead of one large skein it comes as 6 small skeins. Each skein is dyed with the same colors, except that, as you go along, the mini-skeins become progressively darker. If you look at the picture you may notice that sections of the shawl look darker or lighter- that’s not just shadows, that’s the yarn itself.

Because of the variegation I knew I would have to go lacy with this piece. Crochet stitches require more yarn that knit stitches, and consequently the short color sections in variegated yarn tend not to play well with crochet. I played around with the yarn until I came up with a lacy mesh that would provide lovely drape.

Now, a rectangular shawl is…well…a rectangle. Not very interesting, huh? Well, Bjorn from HPKY asked me to develop this rectangular shawl with an interesting twist: working the rectangle in the round from the center out. Most crochet rectangular shawls (at least the one-piece ones) require working in rows. This one starts with a long center chain and is worked in the round. I remember seeing a thread on Crochetville once where people stated their preference for working flat vs. working in the round. If you prefer rounds or are just in the mood for something unique, I think you’ll definitely enjoy this pattern.

You can see all the details, including yardage requirements and more, on my site here or on the Ravelry page. Let me know what you think!