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Product: Heel Cream

List Price: $10 for 2 oz

Peppermint Heel

Heel Cream is a thick, rich moisturizing foot cream from the makers of Soak. The tag line for Heel cream is “for feet worthy of hand-knit socks”. We spend so much time on our knits (and crocheted items); we deserve a little pampering too.

I tried the new peppermint scented Heel cream. It has a lovely, light fragrance that isn’t at all overwhelming. The 2 fl oz containers are a generous amount; heel cream is so rich that a little bit will go a long way. While Heel is advertised as a foot cream, I know that knit and crochet designer Mary Beth Temple, unabashedly uses Heel for her dry hands. I find nail polish remover to be really harsh, and the Heel cream was perfect for remoisturizing afterwards.

For minimum orders of 24 jars the folks at Soak will make you Heel cream with your own custom labels. While that’s a no-brainer for knitting retreats, guild meetings, and yarn store events, this would also be a hit for non-yarn related events as well, like bridal and baby showers, gift baskets, and family reunions.