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As a knitter and crocheter every project I make is somehow, in some way, for my benefit. Either it’s a design I’ve sold for which I get paid, an item for a friend (I get the warm fuzzy feeling from gifting), or something I or my family can use (those winter hat and scarf sets). But there has been one project I keep putting off that I really really really want. I want to make a lapghan for my living room.

My house is constantly cold – either because it’s winter in Connecticut or because it’s summer and my husband insists on keeping the AC at 68 degrees. I would love to be able to cuddle up under a blanket that I made instead of the store bought one we have now. It actually seems kind of silly NOT to have a handmade afghan with all the crocheting and knitting I do.

I bought the yarn for this project a couple years ago, on my first trip to Webs. It’s a nice, machine washable, chunky yarn, and I picked out 3 coordinating colors that go with the living room décor. I had picked out a pattern and started, but one of my squares got caught on the velcro closure of my purse. All I really needed to do was rip out a few rows to fix that square, but it was so depressing at the time that I just put the project into hibernation.

The yarn is still all together in a bag, and I’m seriously contemplating bringing it out of hibernation and starting again. I’m thinking of going with a different pattern – strips sewn together instead of squares. Hopefully, I really will get this started and be able to post pictures soon.