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Product: Lavishea Lotion Bars

List Price: $8 for 1.25oz or $12 for a 2.5oz bar

The say necessity is the mother of invention, but this innovative product was also born out of love. Nancy’s husband is an airline pilot, and with new TSA regulations in place, he wasn’t taking hand lotion with him anymore. Out of concern for her hubby’s hand health, she created a solid lotion bar that would pass through security with ease: Lavishea Lotion Bars.
Lavishea Bars are lotion in a round solid bar form. When you rub the bar on your skin, natural body heat melts the lotion onto your skin. Each bar comes wrapped in tissue paper inside its own tin. I really look forward to using up my lotion bar so that I can repurpose the tin as a a notions kit. It’s the perfect size for holding stitch markers, a yarn needle, and a small pair of foldable scissors.

The lotion bars come in a variety of wonderfully intense fragrances. I tried the Lemongrass Bar as well as the Ginger Blossom. I love the fresh scent of lemongrass and as for the ginger…well I could just sit and sniff that bar most of the day. I really want to try the Yarn Bar next- it’s supposed to have a light almond fragrance. They do offer an unscented lotion bar if you are sensitive to fragrances.

(It’s worth noting at this point that my husband likes the fragrances too. My husband is the manly “I refuse to use hair product or anything remotely girly” type, and I had to pry the Ginger Blossom Bar away from him when he first smelled it. Maybe if I get him the Man Bar (wood, citrus, and spice scent) he’ll finally take care of his skin.)

The lotion bars will melt in high heat, so I’m going to be careful not to leave mine in the car when I visit Texas this Summer (100+ degree temps. Yikes.) Although this also means that you can purposefully melt a bar for a warm lotion dip or to scent your room.

A lot of products claim to be all natural, but I was really impressed when I saw the ingredient list on the back of the tin: soy wax, unrefined shea butter, fragrance. Only 3 ingredients, all of which I can pronounce.

I have to say that this is one of my new favorite products.