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Product: Bluroze Gifts Czech Glass Nail File

This small item has apparently been a big hit at quilting shops and is now starting to make it’s way into yarn stores: nail files made out of glass.

Bluroze Gifts produces nail files made out of Czech glass. Most nail files in the U.S. tend to be metal or emory boards which, frankly, feel a lot like sandpaper. Whenever I use a regular emory board it kind of tears at my nail, leaving a rough edge that i have to smooth down with a finer grade of nail file. I tried one of the czech glass nail files and it worked just as well a regular nail file, but without tearing or leaving rough edges.

If you ask most women to name essentials for a knitting kit, they probably wouldn’t list a nail file as one of them. But I know I’ve frequently been crocheting only to discover that a small tear in my nail is catching on the yarn EVERY SINGLE TIME I do a yarn over. At those moments, I would give my kingdom for a nail file.

The Blueroze nail files come in a variety of designs with decorative crystals or diachronic glass beads attached to the handle. In the $15 price range, they are a bit more expensive than regular nail files, but they shouldn’t wear out or wear down the way emory boards do. If you need a gift for someone, knitter or not, a Czech glass nail file would definitely be well received.