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This post is dedicated to my friend, Jen, who refuses to do gauge swatches on principle.

1. So the item will fit … like the pattern thinks it should.

2. So you can plan how to modify the pattern if you want to add bust darts or additional shaping.

3. To practice the stitch pattern. Figure out how to do that complicated new stitch on a swatch, not on your finished item.

4. So you won’t run out of yarn. Yarn amount recommendations on a pattern assume that you are getting the same gauge.

5. As a quick gift for a child. Seriously, kids love little knitted or crocheted bits. And if your gauge swatch is in the round, it’s an instant arm or leg warmer.

6. So, as unlikely as it is, you will have the right to complain later (“I did the gauge swatch and the sweater STILL doesn’t fit.”).