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Nothing says picnic or light lunch to me quite like egg salad. My daughter is a huge fan of the stuff. I know some people prefer a chunkier egg salad, but I tend to lean towards a finer texture. In fact, the best thing is to run the hard boiled eggs through the food processor. Then you get a really fine crumble. The fine crumble practically sticks together on its own, which is great because it allows me to use less mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is the source of most of the fat and calories in egg salad, and it’s nice to be able to cut some out.

My basic egg salad is eggs, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, and maybe some onion powder. Occasionally I’ll do one the following variations:

Variation 1: If I’m using a food processor, I’ll sometimes add in green olives. They give it a nice tart/salty flavor.

Variation 2: If I’m not using a food processor but I want some extra flavor, I’ll add in a bit of dijon or spicy brown mustard.

Like the molded egg salad in the photo? I lined a small bowl with plastic wrap, filled it with egg salad (pushing it down to make sure it was packed in) and the used the plastic wrap to pop the egg salad back out.