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List Price: $59.95


Blocking is definitely the key to project success. I’ve been in the market for a blocking board and recently picked up the Block and Roll Mat.
The Block and Roll is 38 inches wide by 50 inches long. It has a teflon coated surface, so that you can block with hot steam without worry. It isn’t stiff like most most blocking boards. It has a foam back and you’re meant to roll it up in between uses for easy storage.
The foam has some memory, so when I unrolled it, it didn’t lay completely flat. It wasn’t too curled though, and I was able to pin my shawl down just fine. My pins stuck into the mat and stayed put quite nicely.
The Block and Roll has a grid that is helpful for aligning straight edges, but I wish it was numbered. Actually, my main complaint about the grid is that it is metric- the squares are 20mm by 20mm. Yes, I realize that the majority of the world uses the metric system, but I’m stuck in one of the few stubborn countries that doesn’t. I think like an American (well, U.S. American) and block like one too, so I had to use a yard stick to measure the length of sides. But, for the rest of the world, if you need a blocking board, the mm grid really will be great.
With the generous size, the Block and Roll should work well for garments or smaller items, but long scarfs or shawls may have to be doubled over. It does roll up to a compact size (38 inches tall and about 5 inches across), so I can easily find a spot to store it in between uses.
Although I would prefer an inch grid, I much happier with this than my previous blocking board which was a set of those kids’ play mat foam pieces. They were always coming apart on me at the least opportune moments. I’m still debating purchasing a set of blocking wires.