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One of the main things any organizing or productivity book will tell you is to stay focused on the task at hand. It’s too easy to get distracted by other things. Somehow, I’ve managed to completely ignore that rule as evidenced by the following:

I wanted to sew more drawstring bags, so I gathered materials and put them on the kitchen table. Three weeks later, all the materials were still there, on the kitchen table, and we’d been carefully eating around them at each meal time.

So at this point I decided that, “OK. I really need to set this up in my basement craft area.” Keep in mind that the basement craft area has no heat, so I’ve spent the past 6 months just flinging stuff down there and running back upstairs where it’s warm. Consequently, the place is a wreck. So I said to myself, “Let’s take this opportunity to organize the craft area so that I can actually work down there.”

Two organizing sessions later, almost everything was put away. Almost. Because, you see, I have no desk or work table down there to work at. So, obviously, I needed to get a desk. In my frustration, I went upstairs and sat at the computer desk in my room, where I got frustrated by the mess at the computer desk.

So I start to organize the computer desk and realize that I have one critical failing. I have too many books for the amount of book shelving that I have. There is no way to put everything away because THERE IS NO WHERE TO PUT THE BOOKS. This put,me in a foul mood as evidenced by the following conversation with my husband:

Him: Hey, why are you in such a bad mood?
Me: I need a bookshelf!
Him: Sorry?
Me: I don’t have enough room for all the books; I NEED a bookshelf!

I planned a trip to Ikea, because, hey, they’ll have bookshelves and desks. This trip took planning, because school is out and both kids are home. I finally got to Ikea where the only bookshelf that I liked that was thin enough runs close to $200. I find this horribly depressing.

So here I am, with no bookshelf, no desk, and no sewn project bags. There is no moral to this story, but if you happen to live in my area and have a spare desk or bookshelf that you don’t want, e-mail me.

ETA: I did get to Walmart after I wrote this and managed to pick up a work table. Still no bookshelf though.