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A fuzzy cell phone pic of the plates in the kitchen. Two peppers and tomato.

In my pre-marriage days I loved small, decorative objects. I had mini picture frames on my desk and small little figurines on my night stand along with trinket boxes. Something has happened since then and I’ve become what some would call a minimalist with regards to decorating. As a mom to two energetic children, I have waved the white flag of surrender. I want clear surfaces and functional pieces. I could try to put picture frames on the entryway table, but they would just be knocked down or broken or wind up who knows where. The one bit of decoration that I have done is put up a set of 3 decorative plates in my kitchen. They’re hung above the sliding glass doors – 7 ft off the ground and well out of reach of my kids. You probably think that with this minimalist streak that my house looks rather plain and sterile. It doesn’t; there are always piles of something on a given surface. I’m forever battling the clutter. So I try to keep away from decorative extras. They’re just one more thing to worry about.


The result of all this is that I hate when my husband brings home flowers. He likes to put fresh flowers in vases all over the house. They’re pretty, but I can’t help mentally fast-forwarding to a week in the future when my house is now filled with dead, decaying flowers that need to be thrown out. At the risk of sounding like a stick-in-the-mud (if I haven’t already), I just don’t see the point of spending more than twenty dollars on something that’s going to die, and I’ll have to clean up. Anyways, this last week my darling husband brought home tulips in addition to the usual roses. You know what? I like ’em. Enough that I asked him to put one tulip in a bud vase for our room. It’s not functional; it’s just pretty to look at. It’s gone all droopy so I trimmed it, and I really don’t mind, because it makes me smile when I see it. Everyone has their own style when it comes to home décor. I guess mine isn’t really minimalist, it’s more the “smile style”. I prefer to be surrounded by things that make me smile. What objects in your house make you smile?