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This post is part of the Knit & Crochet Blog Week 2011.

Day 7: Knit and Crochet Time

My knit and crochet time generally divides up as follows:

Mornings: This is when the kids are in school and I have exactly 3 hours to do whatever I can before I have to go teach math. (Yes, I’m a math teacher. Be afraid. Be very afraid.) It’s quiet, and I’m occasionally kept company by a large coffee drink containing some form of chocolate. Coffee makes me feel professional. Chocolate makes me feel … oh, heck, who needs a reason for chocolate?

Afternoons: I rarely crochet and knit during this time. I find my gauge does wacky things if I stitch while trying to keep an eye on the kiddos around the house.

Evenings: My husband has resigned himself to my evening routine of crochet and television. Sometimes it’s knitting and television, but you get the idea. It’s kind of funny considering the fact that we don’t actually own a tv set. Thankfully, there’s Hulu. Almost all the tv I could want (they still don’t have the original Law and Order) online for free and it’s legal. Well…it used to be free. My husband actually caved and got me an iPad and watching Hulu on the iPad requires Hulu Plus which is around 8 bucks a month.

Swim Lessons: After 4 months, I’m finally comfortable sitting on the bench and crocheting or knitting while my kids have their swim lessons. For the first 4 months, I hovered near the lifeguard, ready to dive in the moment one of my kids accidentally fell in. They never fell in, and I’ve decided that at this point I can trust the 3 instructors and 1 lifeguard in the room and actually sit on the bench at the other side of the pool. I frequently stop my knitting to watch during their turns and give the appropriate smile and thumbs up. Lately, I’ve used swim lessons to work on a baby dress (size 12 mos) for a pregnant friend. I’m getting through 1 and ½ rnds in the span of the 30 minute lesson. Look for my blog post about frantically finishing the dress in time for the shower sometime in May 🙂

Monday Nights: This is when my knitting and crochet group meets at the local Barnes and Noble. We have such a great time, and we’ve formed strong friendships. People start in at 7pm and we usually filter out between 9 and 10pm. It’s 2 to 3 hrs of laughing, commiserating, sharing skills and stories. If you are in the Waterbury, CT area, please join us.