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This post is part of the Knit & Crochet Blog Week 2011.

Day 5: Something Different – Free Crochet Desktop Background

So Day 5’s assignment was to do something different. One of the suggestions was a photo collage. Lately I’ve really enjoyed making crochet stitch diagrams. So I thought about it, and I was like “Hey, I could spell out the word ‘Crochet’ in random stitch symbols!” I wanted to share my cool idea, and then I got an even better idea. What if I really could share the picture by making it available as a desktop background? Well, here goes!

I’ve made the picture in two different aspect ratios. Don’t know what that is? That’s ok. Just pic one and see how it looks.

The pictures below are resized miniatures. Left-click on the miniature and it will take you to a webpage displaying the full image. To use a picture as your background right-click on the picture and choose Set as Desktop Background.

This is my first time creating a photo specifically for people to download, so if you need help PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a comment and we’ll figure it out together!

Free Crochet Desktop Background

Free Crochet Desktop Background 1280px by 800px

Free Crochet Desktop Background

Free Crochet Desktop Background 1024px x 768px