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I’m not exaggerating when I say that it seems like I’ve always been teaching. I started teaching religious school classes when I was 14 or 15, and since then I’ve taught everything from math to crafting. After posting my latest pattern online, I thought it might be nice to offer it as a class. Figuring out a pattern on your own can be a little intimidating sometimes. This way you’ll have me there to show you all about the basics of Tunisian crochet, how to work the Tunisian Extended Knit Stitch and it’s cousin the Tunisian Knit Stitch, and more.

Learn Tunisian Extended Knit Stitch with the Taffy Scarf

3 week online class with Lindsey Stephens

Week 1 – A Little Prep

Tunisian basics = information about Tunisian hooks, yarn overs, etc

Tunisian Foundation Row = learning to get started

Tunisian Knit Stitch (TKS) = practice TKS, which is the foundation of TEKS

Week 2 – Practice Tunisian Extended Knit Stitch (TEKS) with the Gauge Swatch

Gauge Swatch = learn and practice TEKS while we make our gauge swatches

Week 3 – Make your Taffy scarf or shawl

Start your project!

Decreasing in TEKS

Reading the Taffy Tunisian chart

What you’ll get: I post links to clear video lessons for each week. It will be just like a regular class, except the videos are available whenever you are- no worrying about getting to class on time. I’ll keep in constant contact via yahoo group posts. Ask questions and they’ll be answered in less than 24hrs. Of course, you’ll also receive a PDF file containing the Taffy Scarf and Shawl Set pattern (a $4.95 value, it’s yours free with the class).

What you’ll need: The pattern calls for a Tunisian crochet hook in size L/11 (8.00 mm). You may want to start out with a smaller J or K size hook for to practice with in the beginning. You’ll need some scrap worsted weight yarn for practice and either 250 or 550 yards of medium worsted weight yarn to make your scarf or shawl. You’ll need a computer to watch the videos on, internet access so you can post online in our group, and printer access in case you want to print the pattern out so you have a hard copy.


Because this is my first time teaching this class, I’m limiting initial enrollment to 5 students and offering a reduced class price of $15. To enroll, go to this page,  and make your payment using Paypal. Soon after you’ll receive an introductory e-mail from me and a invite to the yahoo group.