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Entrelac Book ReviewBook: Entrelac: The Essential Guide to Interlace Knitting

Author: Rosemary Drysdale

List Price: $24.95

I’ve often admired entrelac knitting. The interwoven look of the fabric is a bit mesmerizing. So when I spotted this book, I took the opportunity to pick up a copy.

This book is divided into four chapters.

Chapter 1: Entrelac Step by Step

Chapter 1 covers the how to of basic stockinette entrelac. Clear, step-by-step photos accompany the directions. I found the instructions easy to follow, especially with the aid of the photos. Directions are also included for knitting backwards (why keep turning when you can knit backwards?) as well as working entrelac in the round and as an entrelac triangle.

Chapter 2: Swatch Glossary

I must say that this is the chapter that really stunned me. Prior to this, I had mainly seen examples of entrelac worked in stockinette stitch or basic ribbing, but this swatch dictionary has it all. It includes basic patterns using knit and purl stitches, lace patterns (lace AND entrelac! I’m in love.), cable patterns, stunning colorwork, and a variety of other variations all worked as entrelac. The swatch glossary (which is really like a stitch dictionary for entrelac), is inspiring.

Chapter 3: The Patterns

You can practice your new skills with chapter 3. It contains 20 different patterns for a variety of garment and home d├ęcor items. Some use entrelac for the entire piece while others, like the Uptown Poncho and Rose Garden Baby Cardi, use entrelac as either a trim or focal point. My favorite pattern though is the Fruit and Veggie Caps (pg 139). These entrelac hats are worked in pumpkin, strawberry, and eggplant style. It’s only sized for child’s 6 months, which is a shame, because I think adults (and their inner children) would like it too.

Chapter 4: Designing with Entrelac

This section contains information for designing with entrelac. It has tips on how to incorporate stitch patterns into entrelac, advice for shaping in entrelac, and a page of special entrelac graph paper to use when designing your own creations. Also included is an entire page on how to calculate gauge in entrelac. This chapter is a great little addition for knitters who decide to take their entrelac to the next level.

Overall, this is a fantastic book, and I highly recommend it.