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Crochet Master Class Book Review

Book: Crochet Master Class: Lessons and Projects from Today’s Top Crocheters

Edited by: Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss

List Price: $22.99

Crochet Master Class is a book about some of the premier crochet designers of our day and their areas of expertise. It features 18 different crochet designers and crochet techniques. The topics covered are Woven Crochet – Jenny King, Hairpin Lace – Jennifer Hansen, Tapestry Crochet – Carol Ventura, Aran Crochet – Jane Snedden Peever, Entrelac Crochet – Joyce Wyatt, Fashion Crochet – Margaret Hubert, Tunisian Crochet – Julia Bryant, Filet Crochet – Hartmut Hass, Double-Ended Crochet – Darla J. Fanton, Tassels – Nancy Nehring, Bullion Stitch – Bonnie Pierce, Overlay Crochet – Melody MacDuffee, Bead Crochet – Lydia Borin, Bruges Crochet – Tatyana Mirer, Painted Crochet – Ferosa Harold, Free-Form Crochet – Prudence Mapstone, Irish Crochet – Maire Treanor, and Wire Crochet – Nancie Wiseman.

Each section provides a one to two page biography on the featured crochet master, the basics of the technique with tips from the master, and a project designed just for this book. The majority of the patterns are labeled Intermediate to Advanced skill level although there are 2 labeled as Beginner or Easy. Melody MacDuffee’s gorgeous Overlay Mandala Pillow Cover is the cover image for the book.

Topic coverage varies. The tunisian crochet chapter covers tunisian simple stitch worked with color changes and beads, but not any other tunisian stitches. The filet crochet chapter includes not only basic instructions for open and closed meshes, but how to increase and decrease at the edges as well as make lacets. Every section has illustrations showing how to work the particular stitches used.

This book will not make you a master in any of these techniques; it’s simply impossible to delve deeply into 18 distinct areas of crochet in less than 200 pages. If you do fall in love with a particular section then you’ll likely be heading back to the book store for a book (or two) dedicated solely to whichever technique piqued your interest. However, if you want to learn more about some of the notable designers of our time or simply want to see the variety of possibilities inherent in crochet, then this book is definitely for you. What this book does do is showcase the diversity of techniques available to the modern day crocheter. Pick up the book, pick a project, and enjoy.