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So you love yarn? Obsess about knit and/or crochet? Here are 10 yarny things to do when you want to feed your habit…

1. Listen to the Getting Loopy Podcast by Mary Beth Temple.

2. Organize (at least some of) your yarn. Divide it up by color, weight, or brand. Your choice.

3. Log on to Ravelry. If you aren’t a member yet, what are you waiting for????

4. Inventory your hooks and needles. How many dpns do you have? What sizes? Are you pitifully short on G – hooks? Got 30 or more of one size?

5.  Crocheters can have fun at Crochetville.

6.  Hibernating Frog. Frog, or rip out, those hibernating projects that you know you won’t or don’t want to finish. Find a new use for that yarn.

7.  Let a designer know you like his or her work. A simple e-mail can make someone’s day.

8. Teach someone to knit or crochet. Spread the love.

9.  Plan a yarn dyeing party. A bunch of people, food, yarn, and dye. It’s sooo much fun.

10. Pick a technique to explore in depth. Interested in tunisian? Confounded by cables? Pick something and do it!