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So I normally judge how long I think a project will take by the number of skeins it will take. So I leave more time for a 5 skein project than a 3 skein-er. I also take into account the size of the skein, b/c that 25g ball of cashmere is going to go a lot faster than, say, the giant thing of Red Heart Super Saver.

This system only failed me once before. I had left a project till it was kind of close to the deadline with what I still thought was plenty of time. After going through the first 2 skeins, it was obvious they had not sent enough yarn, so they sent another 6 skeins. I was crocheting like a maniac to make that deadline. The lesson learned here was to make the large gauge swatch as soon as the yarn arrives, and verify estimated amounts!

Well, anyways, I’m working on a new project (the May addition to the pattern line) and I’m on skein 2 now. So it’s coming along nicely. 🙂