Outside without a coat!

What is the Lindsey Life?

The Lindsey Life is an intimate look at my – Lindsey Stephen’s – life as a crafter. I share my crafting expertise along with stories of my intrepid crafting adventures, all with a healthy dose of wit and humor.
Living The Lindsey Life focuses on three guiding principles:

  • Constantly Create –The Lindsey Life is all about feeding our innate desire to create.
  • Overcome Obstacles – This means working through anything that stops us from making. Perfectionism gets in the way of creativity way too much and can be crippling. Living The Lindsey Life means embracing the failures as well as the successes on our crafting journey. Also, many of us have a tendency to compartmentalize our lives. The Lindsey Life is about allowing creativity to flow into all aspects of daily life, whether that means home, office, family, or school.
  • Live and Laugh – Just like I can’t imagine a life without crafting, I also can’t imagine a life without humor. Laughter gets me through the toughest times and marks some of the best times.