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What is the Lindsey Life?

The Lindsey Life is an intimate look at my – Lindsey Stephen’s – life as a crafter. I share my crafting expertise along with stories of my intrepid crafting adventures, all with a healthy dose of wit and humor.
Living The Lindsey Life focuses on three guiding principles:

  • Constantly Create –The Lindsey Life is all about feeding our innate desire to create.
  • Overcome Obstacles – This means working through anything that stops us from making. Perfectionism gets in the way of creativity way too much and can be crippling. Living The Lindsey Life means embracing the failures as well as the successes on our crafting journey. Also, many of us have a tendency to compartmentalize our lives. The Lindsey Life is about allowing creativity to flow into all aspects of daily life, whether that means home, office, family, or school.
  • Live and Laugh – Just like I can’t imagine a life without crafting, I also can’t imagine a life without humor. Laughter gets me through the toughest times and marks some of the best times.



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  1. You are a WONDERFUL Blogger and your patterns are BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    I’ve been searching and searching and searching for THE PERFECT pattern to make a shawl for a good friend of mine, and on your site I found 2!!! Your Esmeralda shawl and Your Taffy shawl & scarf sets are BOTH perfect!! I have the yarn already, hand spun by me, myself, & I…lol…but I also have some back-up Premier yarns and Berroco yarns just in case I change my mind.
    I have fallen in love with all of your patterns, but I cannot purchase them all, my husband would pass out. He never does understand that as crafters, especially with fiber crafts, there is no such thing as too many patterns, too much yarn, or too much fiber. I used to think it was a “guy” thing, but he knows how to crochet too. He’s the middle child of 3 boys and his mother taught him because when he was younger he was the more Pliable-at least that’s what she tells me now-of the three of them. Well, he’s not so pliable anymore…lol.

    He did say that I could purchase the three patterns on your site because he likes the one for me, and the other 2 for our friend Barb. She let us use her house at the New Jersey Shore in Ocean City, thankfully about a month before Sandy.

    You have a wonderful gift as a designer and a fantastic eye when it comes to color!

    Hopefully I will finally start my own blog this coming year-it’s one of my 3 resolutions.

    I now know if I can do even 1/3rd as well as you are doing, then maybe I’ll get a few people to read it. 🙂

    Blessings to you!


  2. Lindsey Post
  3. Hi Lindsey,

    Hope you’re having a great day =)

    I LOVE your designs and thought you would make a great contributor for our new crochet magazine – Happily Hooked!

    We’ve already got some other really fun guests lined up too: Vickie Howell, Jamie Anderson (who just won gold in the Socci Olympics) Vanna White, and more.

    Open to chat? =)

    Can’t wait to hear from you!

    Alison Lutz
    Co-Founder & Editor
    Happily Hooked Magazine

  4. Quick question….I found a cute crochet graphic that looks like it belongs to you…is there a way for me to purchase it to use in a logo? What are your thoughts…I can send you the graphic, if you like. Thank you!

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  6. Hi Lindsey, I saw your knitted kippah kit in the Craftsy Holiday catalog but when I went to the Craftsy site, all I could find was the crochet kit. And it wasn’t on Ravelry either. Any help you could offer regarding how I can locate this pattern would be greatly appreciated. I would like to make this for the husband of a dear friend of mine; he’s always joking about using a kippah to cover his bald spot and with another cold winter predicted for us in Reno, this would be perfect.
    Thank you so much!

  7. Lindsey Post

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